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Transformational Breath® Education 4A + 4B

marts 19 @ 19:00 marts 26 @ 15:00

Transformational Breath®:

Level 4A: 19. – 26. March 2024

Level 4B: 27. April – 4. Mai 2024

We are very happy to have the Transformational Breath® Foundation’s
Professional Training Program in Scandinavia in Spring 2024

Prepare yourself for one or two loving, powerful and transformative weeks as life
becomes a loving, joyful dance of self-realization, self-empowerment and
service from the heart.

We are looking forward to your joining us for this fun and special
event. This Training Program presents the finest tools, transformational skills
and techniques to facilitate your rapid realization of higher consciousness,
and to give you the gift of sharing this dynamic process with others. This
transformed consciousness is what will create for you and others a more joyful
and abundant life.

Both level 4A and 4B will be 7 full days arriving for Dinner the evening before. We finish at around 3 pm. the last day.

The 4A and 4B trainer is Eugenia Altamira

Eugenia is a kind and warm teacher with powerful coaching skills. Her ability to connect with people and guide them in their path of growth has changed many lives. She was a tenured professor and researcher at Universidad Latina de America for eight years, has a degree in Psychology and practiced for several years in her native Mexico. Her need to find more effective and powerful techniques to help others create the life they desire, brought her to Transformational Breath®. Eugenia has traveled the world teaching and sharing this life changing technique, on her own and with her mentor Judith Kravitz, the creator of the Transformational Breath® technique and Founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation.

Eugenia is currently the Curriculum Coordinator for the Transformational Breath® Foundation (TBF) and Regional Liaison for Latin America. She is an international Senior Trainer for the TBF teaching in Europe, Middle East, USA and Latin America. She shares her time between her two passions; her family and Breathwork.

Eugenia will be assisted by Scandinavians Seniortrainer Linnea Beek Hansen


·      Arrival and check in on 4A is from 6 pm March 19. Dinner at 7 pm. Training starts at 9 am March 20.

· We will start with registration and have an amazing and powerful week.

·      The program will finish the last day after lunch. Departure time
around 3:00 pm.

·      Arrival and departure time scheduling are to be made through Linnea:            

·  Food will be vegetarian and 100% organic.

·     Please also inform Linnea, if you have any dietary restrictions.

·       For all staff: We will have staff meeting and room set up at 3:00 pm Tuesday March 19. and for 4B Saturday April 27. 2024


·        Your Seminar (Levels I, II and III) manual as well as your journal.

·        Your drinkingbottle

We recommend jogging or other easy sitting clothes

PRICE: Be aware there is 100 USD earlybird discount per training by signing up for both 4A and 4B


If you have any questions or would like our support in any way, please
contact us. We affirm that this program will inspire some of the most profound
and exciting experiences of your life, as it has done for so many.

We also know that this education to become a facilitator is a strong and advanced training, which also will support your own personal and spiritual development a lot.

In love, light and joyful anticipation of our time together.

  • Statements from previous participants:

Very competent and insightful training, very well organized and facilitated and lots of love and fun!



The Transformational Breath® training is something very special, which can be difficult to put into words.

I left for the 4A week with a strong sense of urgency (NOW I’m doing what I’ve wanted for so long) and humility (Yeahh – I’m allowed to do it). And it was like coming home to a family of like-minded people on the same mission. Quite naturally, an openness and a bond arose between all of us participants and teachers, which was crucial for us to be able to learn and develop – both professionally and personally. All levels come into play when you are away on training; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I experienced that I was in a master’s course with one of the world’s most skilled breathing teachers. Eugenia Altamira is a fantastic professional communicator, and she makes the material alive and present. The teaching days are based on a shift between theory and lots of exercises – also in the breathing sessions that we gave each other under supervision. Everything takes place in a calm and loving space, which precisely characterizes Transformational Breath®. As a student, you also get your own mentor who continuously supports and guides you as needed. Already after seven days at 4A in Denmark, I felt ready to go home and have my own practice clients.

We are lucky that we got the education in Denmark, and it is simply so well-designed in its structure. The manual and training are the same worldwide, so all facilitators learn the same. This also means that you can choose to take part of your education abroad, and complete the education at the pace that suits you best. I would like to venture the claim that Transformational Breath® facilitators are among the best trained respiratory therapists in the World.

Pernille Engelbrecht. Facilitator and Group Leader, trained in 2019 and 2021


4A did a major difference in my life. Maybe the one single thing that had changed my life the most. Being 7 days learning, breathing, feeling so much love and support was to me a major shift.

I was more able to be consistent in my life after these 7 days. Patterns I have struggled with my whole life started little by little to change. I started to sleep better at night, and I have much less anxiety in my life. I have started to make choices out of my own will, not only out of, what is expected of me. 4A also gave me a lot of tools, so that I can work on myself more easily, but also facilitate others. 

Being taught, guided and facilitated on this journey by Eugenia and Linnea was fantastic. They create the most loving, safe atmosphere. They make it safe so you can go deep and transform your own pain, but also feel the love and joy in facilitating others, when they transform their wound.

I am so thankful to be on this journey with Transformation Breath®💙

4A var magisk. Rett og slett🌟

Hanne Øfsteng Skogli, Norway

Contact Linnea for price

+45 22 66 21 64

Nørreskovvej 41 6430 Danmark + Google Maps